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Los Rios Gmail Troubleshooting

  1. If you receive the following message when you try to login it is most likely one of two issues:

    Gmail has not been enabled by the administrator of the domain

    1. You are an employee and as such, you will not have a Los Rios Gmail account activated. Any emails sent to your Los Rios Gmail account will be sent to your official exchange mail box. You will be able to login and access the other Google tools.
    2. You are a former employee (temp, student help, faculty, staff, etc.) and your records are still in an employee group. Please email, with your name and student ID number, and we will correct your account and open your Los Rios Gmail account.
  2. Your password works in eServices but not in Los Rios Gmail:

    Chances are your password has some sort of special character in it (!@#$%^&*). Los Rios Gmail goes through an extra level of security and there is currently an issue with special characters that we've been unable to pinpoint/resolve. Go to and reset your password. Use upper and lower case letters and number only. If you have verified you can log into eServices and you DO NOT have special characters in your password please email with your name, student ID number, and details.

  3. You've set up forwarding on Los Rios Gmail but messages are still NOT being forwarded to your personal account:

    You might not have completed the forwarding process. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Los Rios Gmail page, Gmail Settings. Click Settings and then click Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Make sure you have forwarding selected, your forwarding address is there and you've saved it.